Excellence in  Engineering  for the fleet

A joint venture of AVIAN and Precise Systems


We believe

that our company's purpose is to support Sailors and Marines in harm's way today. We were there once ourselves; our shipmates are still there now.


Our approach

is to make scarce dollars go as far as possible by providing the utmost in committed, talented people to support our government teammates at a cost only small business can provide.


To date

the members of APC Joint Venture hold twenty-five prime contracts worth over $390M, located at seventeen sites across the United States, and employing over 500 people.

AVIAN Precise Company

A Joint Venture of AVIAN and Precise Systems, two Service-Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Businesses(SDVOSB). Two leading SDVOSB's operating as a single company - with all the responsiveness and reachability of a small business and the resources of a large one.


AVIAN serves a broad range of technical customers at NAVAIR, NAVSEA, and ONR, and elsewhere. We have extensive experience in Test and Evaluation, with contracts supporting AIR-5.1’s Integrated Systems Experimentation, Evaluation, and Test department, Fire Scout and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Directorate. We are key participants in NAVAIR Workforce Development and Training in the NAVAIR University, including extensive experience at NAWCWD. We also provide Program/Project Management for a wide range of NAVAIR, NAVSEA and ONR programs. At AVIAN we pride ourselves on being Resourceful, Responsive and Reachable for our clients.

Precise Systems

A professional services company currently working for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force. Our core competencies include systems engineering, program and project management, logistics, information technology and cyber security, and software development services. Founded in 1990, Precise has been providing cutting edge solutions and support to our warfighters and provides expert consultation on network and weapons systems acquisition program, maintenance/modernization programs, and sustainment programs.

Systems Engineering Tools

Sustainment Engineering

Training and Workforce Development